Junhee Kim - Designer at SPF:a | SPF:architects

Born in South Korea, Junhee immigrated to the United States with her family at age 11. She spent her teenage years in Los Angeles and grew a passion for architecture. Leaving the west coast to explore the other parts of the States, she earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. During her college years, Junhee studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for a semester and traveled the world around, visiting 11 countries and 23 cities, witnessing world-famous works of architecture firsthand and experiencing every unique culture. After two consecutive summer internships at SPF:a, she is now pursuing her professional career as a designer at SPF:a as her first step towards becoming a licensed architect who serves for the people’s needs and goods.


I am a big fan of hot beverages over cold beverages, even in the summertime, with the exception of beer.


I use symbols more than words whenever possible.


More is better.


I have a life-time goal of traveling outside of the States at least once every year.


A building could be a shelter, indoor space, or a work of art.


It's mankind's greatest invention!


I always wear black or white clothes for any special occasion.


I love doing small handicraft activities, especially while watching tv. Always have to keep my hands busy.

In one word where do you find inspiration?


What do you love about architecture?

That it's always new and different.

What color is architecture?

Blue! (Just because it's my favorite color)